Likky Lavji - Keynote Speaker

Hi, I am Likky Lavji

Did you know that my middle name, Madat, translates to the word help and the word Dante equates to giving?

I am in this world to break barriers for people to help them achieve their best office-home-life environment.

Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Conflict Resolution |EOS | Visionary | Leadership & Sales Trainer | Go-Giver Speaker


Shift your focus from getting to giving


Earn trust in a low trust society. Build strong relationships.


Always communicate and give extraordinary value


As a trained and certified speaker, mentor and coach, I help CEO’s and team leaders bring structure and clarity to their thinking, resulting in ultimate happiness and success for everyone. I create a fun, high energy and collaborative journey to success, resulting in achieving your goals while maintaining a balance and growth.

I mentor companies to create and align their v1s1on to the entire team. Upholding excellence is one of my values that has positively influenced and guided business professional to reach their goals by identifying core issues and finding solutions to resolve them. The outcome to my approach is to support business leaders and visionaries so they can effectively motivate their employees to gain their maximum potential.

I work with companies and individuals to map out goals and then hold team members accountable to achieve their sales or personal development objectives. I am a true connector and innovator – I am always thinking about how you can turn your concepts and plans and create them into practical working solutions.

I have a unique ability to conceptualize and determine what solutions need to be implemented so business leaders can execute them with integrity and commitment, resulting in the organization getting to the next level of their growth stage.


What excites me is showing people how to build deep connections and then to cultivate those relationships by providing value.

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